Laoise's arabian Dream presented by Barbara Lösche

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Welcome to Wildniskristalle, my website and blog for my knitting patterns. I am Barbara and I will talk about

  • new releases,
  • tutorials for knitting techniques,
  • behind the scenes posts,
  • news about knit a longs and test knits
  • introductions to new patterns,
  • interviews with other knitting designers, and
  • pattern reviews.

You have a hard time finding the help you need to knit your lace project? Leave me a message. Wanted to know more about the design process behind the delicate lace patterns, leave a comment below.

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As a designer in the Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2015 and 2016 I have published many lace designs and worked with multiple knitters.


Many years ago I learned knitting in school starting the obligatory stockinette scarf. Well, the scarf never made it to a finished object.

Laoise's arabian Dream presented by Barbara Lösche
Laoise’s arabian Dream presented by Barbara Lösche

During early university studies I came back to knitting, starting with complicated lace shawls, and became addicted to lace knitting since. Knitting from finished pattern went boring pretty soon and I started to change patterns. One day I got to know a independent designer I admired for some time. She told me that I could create my own patterns too.

From this point I started to write my ideas down properly and got them tested. To date there are twenty patterns and growing published by me.

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