List with all 83 Interviews held during the GAL 2016

During the GAL I asked fellow designers about their designing life, their ideas and their GAL 2016 plans.  Now the GAL is almost over and I’ve enjoyed those interviews a lot. Moreover, I’ve enjoyed the interviews made by fellow designers too. I am sure you would love them, too.

Here we go. Below is a list of all interviews published during the last six weeks,  including some statistics. Enjoy.

Some statistics

  • In 235 social media posts in the social media thread of the GAL group, 83 interviews were linked.
  • 72 different designers were interviewed.
  • Susan Carlson, Naomi Parkhurst, Kirsten Mcteer, Faye Kennington, Doreen Blask, Carol Sundy, and Ashwini Jambhekar were interviewed twice.
  • Nim Teasdale, and Amy van de Laar were interviewed three times.
  • The interviews were done by 12 different blog owners.

Who did how many interviews?

  • Erinn, Kirsten McTeer 1
  • Naomi Parkhurst, Paula King 2
  • Darleen Hopkins, LA Bourgeois 3
  • Robynn Weldon 4
  • Christine Guest 6
  • Barbara Lösche 7
  • Vikki Bird 10
  • Stephannie Tellent 21
  • Carolyn Macpherson 23

List with all interviews (sorted alphabetically by the name of the designer interviewed)

I wish everyone a happy New Year. 🙂