Plans 2017 - Lace Shawl Series with lots of Beads

Preparations for 2017

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Looking around at Ravelry most of the groups are already making plans on what to do and achieve in the new year. Today I would like to share my plans and thoughts. Hopefully they are interesting to you too.

Lace Shawls with lots of Beads

Starting with the already set things. I’ve started to prestring lots of Toho 8/o beads onto green linen lace yarn. This will become bottom up crescent shawl. The yarn usage will be somewhere between 800 to 1000 m with a 800 m / 100 g yarn. My shawl will become a sample shawl. To test it I am looking for 28 testers (2 per pattern) who have fun doing mystery tests.

All details can be found under the headline test knitter.

Plans 2017 - Lace Shawl Series with lots of Beads
Plans 2017 – Lace Shawl Series with lots of Beads

First KAL
I love to participate in KAL because it is a lot of fun knitting an item together with fellow knitters. Now I want to host such a fun knitting party on my own and make it fun for you too. I will start the KAL in March. The shawl to be knitted will be Líobhan, the one which is acutaly in testing.

During tests and as mails from knitters I often receive similar questions regarding techniques. I want to answer those questions with little tutorials in 2017. If you can think of knitting technique related questions you could not find an answer to or are stuck, please let me know and I will do my best to dig out an answer.

Double yarn over with two beads after knitting a wrong side row above them.
Double yarn over with two beads after knitting a wrong side row above them.

I’ve started doing some tutorials this year. You can find them beyond the label headline tutorial. They will come in handy, for the new pattern series with the beads:

Monthly Newsletter
Peek behind the scenes? Find out how the both shawl series I’ve talked about above are coming along? Find out which test or KAL is starting soon? Enjoy some funny things and smalltalk by me? That’s what will be in my Newsletter from now on. Yes I’ve tweaked it a bit. To be sure to enjoy it regularly just sign up now. I will send you neither unsolicited advertising nor give your e-mail address away.

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You may ask what will be on the blog if all this interesting stuff goes to the newsletter. Well, I will talk about newly published patterns here. I will post about the start of a KAL and write tutorials. During the Indie Design Gift-A-Long I had a lot of fun with the interviews, therefore I will continue doing them, but not as often as during December. Additionally I will participate in some blog events.

The monthly newsletter is so seldom …
If you love to hear more often about what I am doing you can watch me posting on Instagram. I am new to the platform therefore I beg your pardon for all errors I will make.

Your opinions and plans
Now I am curious to learn what you are thinking about my plans. Write a comment below.
I would be happy to learn what you plan for the new year. Will you knit more? Will you finish all those WIPs? Are you still looking to find the perfect pattern for your treasured yarn?

Let me know. Write a comment.